The Síndic travels to Bosnia-Herzegovina with a Catalan Parliament's delegation


The Síndic de Greuges -Catalan Ombudsman, Rafael Ribó, accompanied by other members of his team, has travelled today to Bosnia-Herzegovina with a Catalan Parliament's delegation in order to explain from first hand to the Catalan Parliament members the co-operation projects the Síndic has been working on in the area, as well as to show them the institutions and the reality of the country.

Over this five day trip to Bosnia, the Catalan delegation will maintain meetings with different ombudsmen, like the Ombudsman of the Srpska Republic and the Ombudsman of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Federation -the two territorial bodies making up the Bosnian state. He will be meeting too the Bosnia-Herzegovina State Ombudsman, some town mayors, as well as some representatives of the Spanish diplomatic corps and Army.
During his stay, the Sindic will also sign the collaboration agreements between the ombudsman institutions and the General Council of the Judiciary and Public Prosecutor offices of Bosnia-Herzegovina, within the framework of the Sindic Co-operation Programme, largely supported by the Catalan Agency of Cooperation for Development. The Catalan Parliament's delegation consists of a Parliament Member of each party and a lawyer.