IALC Inaugural Conference


Case Studies on the Impact of Investigations Conducted by Commissioners’ Offices on Language Rights

  • Moderated by: Rafael Ribó – Catalan Ombudsman, Catalonia
  • Presenters: Annie Plouffe – Director of Investigations, Office of theCommissioner of Official Languages, Canada – Case Study onthe Investigation of a Marine Rescue Centre: From Closure to Changing a Government Decision to Saving Lives
  • Órla de Búrca – Investigations Manager, Office of the Irish Language Commissioner, Ireland – Case Study on HowComplaints Against the Police Service Led to a Language Quota in Recruitment of New Gardaí (police officers) in Ireland with Additional Commentary from Garda representative Eimear Ní Cheallaigh
  • François Boileau – French Language Services Commissioner,Ontario, Canada – Case Study on an English-Only H1N1 Flyer: From Communication Crash to Communication Coup
  • Sandra Inutiq – Languages Commissioner of Nunavut, Canada– Case Study on Language Services and Communications atthe Qikiqtani General Hospital

    Concluding remarks from Honourary Minister Pär Stenbäck, former minister of education and minister of foreign affairsfor Finland  

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