The Síndic impels the collaboration of the ombudsmen with the Administration of justice in Bosnia-Herzegovina


A delegation of the Síndic's office has gone to Sarajevo to impel the collaboration between the ombudsmen of the zone and the Administration of justice. The coordinator of the justice issues, Ignasi García Clavel, and other members of the Síndic's team, have participated today in a meeting in Sarajevo with representatives of different ombudsmen of the zone and the General Council of the Judiciary and Public Prosecutor offices of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The meeting's objective is to improve the collaboration between the ombudsmen and the justice Administration and frames within the joint project of cooperation in the Balkan countries carried by the Síndic and the Catalan Agency of Cooperation for Development. The project entails the Síndic will impel the creation of institutionalized and permanent routes of communication between the Ombudsman's institutions and the public prosecutor and the judiciary offices through the development and follow-up of a collaboration agreement. During this trip, the Síndic's team will also maintain meetings to extend the project for free legal attendance to Bosnia-Herzegovina, as it has already been made in several Serbian localities, and to work in a new performance protocol for cases of sexual abuses and other abuses to minors, which is another one of the objectives of the cooperation project.