Barcelona hosts IOI’s Board meeting


Some of the main international ombudsmen can be found in Barcelona these days on the occasion of the annual meeting of the International Omsbudsman Institute's (IOI) Board of Directors. Held from the 3rd to the 6th of October at the Pedrera, this meeting's objective is to make an assessment about the ombudsman work in favour of human rights defence around the world. The Conference will also help to strengthen the IOI's members coordinated work.  

Founded in 1979, IOI is the International Ombudsmen Organization gathering Ombudsman offices from 80 different worldwide states. IOI is organized in six wide regions: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean and North America. Its main objectives are to promote Ombudsman's institutions and roles worldwide and to favour the exchange of information and experiences between them.

IOI's work sessions, starting wednesday 6 until Friday 8, will be attended by the Ombudsmen of Sweden, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Mexico, South korea, Macao, Papua New Guinea, Northern Ireland, EUA's state of Iowa, Hong-kong,  Canada, Australia and Tunisia. National, regional and local ombudsmen are represented at the meeting, taking into account they all enjoy different levels of competences according their respective regulations.