The Síndic raises the alarm about the Administration’s inactivity on noise problems


The Catalan Ombudsman (síndic de greuges), Rafael Ribó, made that statetment during the presentation of a new report on noise pollution to the Catalan Parliament Members.

The report is meant to be a useful guide for the several agencies and authorities taking part in noise control.

With this report, the Catalan Ombudsman attempts to realise its mission of cooperating with the Administrations by defending people's rights and supervising the administrations' activities. The report states the problems of the complaints issued to the Catalan Ombudsman's office regarding this subject, 150 closed in two years, and includes the opinions of Local Ombudsmen and 59 City Councils, which answered a survey specially draft out for this report.City councils feel neglected by the rest of Administrations to apply the Noise Pollution Protection ActThis is one of the conclusions we can gather from the Catalan Ombudsman's survey on noise pollution, answered by 59 City Councils.
The cooperation of the rest of Administrations (Local Councils, County Councils, Regional Government, etc.) should be promoted to supply to all the City Councils officially approved equipments for measuring noise, since, today, there are some town councils still lacking of them and having to measure outside of the rules.