Síndic launches French version of website


Image of the site in French

The French version of the Catalan Ombudsman (Síndic) website ( is already out. Therefore, most of the contents, like the forms to file complaints and make queries or to contact with the People's Service Unit are now available in French. Also, most of the site's permanent information, like the Ombudsman task and mission or the institution's history and the regulation Law have been translated into French.

With regard to current activities, the most important news on an international scale will be regularly updated as in the English version. The website is now available in five different languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, Aranese (Occitan language spoken in the Aran Valley) and French.

In addition to reach a wider public, the purpose of having the web in French is expanding the range of international knowledge of the Síndic activities. The Catalan Ombudsman is a full member of the Association des Ombudsmans et Médiateurs de la Francophonie (AOMF) since 2002.