Exhibition “Opening doors to rights”


Guided tour to the exhibit

The commemorative exhibition will be held in the Catalan Ombudsman new offices at Passeig de Lluís Companys 7 in Barcelona in December. Three main commemorative dates to be celebrated in 2009 make up the focus of the exhibit to inform about the task and history of the institution. First, it will be commemorated the first quarter-century of life of the institution for the defence of rights in Catalonia.

The ratification of the law that gave the Ombudsman jurisdiction to supervise the public administration of the Catalan Autonomous Government and local entities of Catalonia will be commemorated as well.

Thirty years ago, the first Statute of Autonomy of Spain's democracy gave the Parliament the power to designate an Ombudsman to defend the fundamental rights and public freedom of citizens.

Evoking the medieval origins of this modern institution, the Catalan Ombudsman is also celebrating that 600 years ago, in 1409, King Martí the Humane founded the "provisor de greuges" institution, an early grievance committee that worked to resolve citizen's complaints.

The exhibition will tour different sites in Catalonia throughout 2009.