Constitutional Commission of the Swedish Parliament visits the Síndic


A delegation from the Constitutional Commission of the Parliament of Sweden visited the Síndic's Office. The members of the Comission, MP's from most Parliament's parties, were accompanied by the Swedish Ambassador and the General Consul in Barcelona.

Catalan Ombudsman, Rafael Ribó, his two deputies and other members of his Office, welcomed the delegation and told them about the functioning of the institution, its competences and the relationship between the Síndic and other Ombudsmen. Also, a brief presentation regarding the scope of the Síndic's intervention, such as immigration, education and linguistic rights, was made.

Organized by the Swedish Embassy, the visit was included in a trip to Spain (Madrid and Barcelona). In Barcelona, the Commission, which also visited the Catalan Parliament, was interested in learning about the regional system and its development, the relationship between the Catalan and the Spanish Governments and between the Catalan Government and local bodies. The role of the Catalan Ombudsman was a subject of interest as well.