Síndic to support Serbian Ombudsman in developing the areas of children and prisons


The Serbian delegation will attend differnt working sessions at the Síndic

The Catalan Ombudsman will held different working sessions with the Ombudsman of Serbia from May 11-13. The visit takes place within the Catalan Ombudsman's joint project with the Serbian Mission to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

The sessions' main purpose is to assist and advise the Serbian institution in developing the areas of children and prisons as well as in designing communication strategies related to these areas of activity.

Therefore, the Catalan Ombudsman staff will advise their colleagues to undertake certain initiatives, such as a website and an educational pack aimed at children and young people, a procedure for the Ombudsman to visit prisons, a communication strategy for penitentiary center inmates and a strategy to put forward a general communication campaign.

A visit to Can Brians penitentiary by the Serbian delegation and the OSCE mission team will take place as well.

The working sessions are taking place within the new joint project between the Síndic and the Serbian Mission to the OSCE to keep giving support to the Ombudsman of Serbia in the fields of children, prisons and public service. The agreement, signed in May, will be in effect for 18 months.