The Catalan Ombudsman has analyzed the application of the UN Convention on Children's Rights


The Catalan Ombudsman has analyzed the application of the United Nations Convention on Children's Rights (international law that takes up the rights of children and young people all over the world) on the 20th anniversary of its application in a working day entitled: Seminar on the Situation of Children's Rights in Catalonia, which took place at the Catalan Ombudsman's headquarters.

Catalan Ombudsman Rafael Ribó, and the Deputy Ombudsman for the Defence of Children's rights, spoke to assess the work done by the Institution to defend children's rights, and discussed some of these shortcomings.

Among the most significant, they underscored school segregation in education, dysfunctions in the protection system such as overcrowded shelters in the realm of protection, deficits in the culture of listening to minors, or the inclusion of minors in decision-making processes, as refers to participation.

On a positive note, they referred to the introduction of the Convention in the majority of specific minors laws, and mentioned the presence of Convention regulations in the draft bill on children's rights and opportunities.