The Ombudsman presents the main lines of action for his new term


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Catalan Ombudsman Rafael Ribó appeared in the Parliament of Catalonia to present the main lines of action for his new term with three key objectives:making the Catalan Ombudsman institution better known, accessible and useful; creating a network of rights; contributing to the improvement of administrations.

The Ombudsman began with an introduction that underscored items taken from the balance of his prior term, and those that define the new situation. He then proposed lines of activity and goals for a new term meant to achieve service marked by excellence and equality.

  • Excellence, by making the most of the experience and learning exchanges and processes.
  • Equality, by working further in the will to essentially focus on the work at hand, to ensure the rights of persons and groups that complain the least despite being those with the greatest needs for protection.

First objective: a Catalan Ombudsman of excellence at the service of the people
Working to improve an institution that must be useful for people and rights, and education in duties. An attempt will be made to improve knowledge and access to the institution, with the priority placed on quality. To make this possible, new technologies and instruments are to be used as much as possible.

Second objective: Creation of a network of rights in Catalonia
A network of rights is to be created in Catalonia. It will connect the institutions and network of associations, equipped with resources of maximum functionality, working under the Catalan Ombudsman's coordination.

Third objective: the Catalan Ombudsman as a collaborator in relations with administrations
The goal would be for the Catalan Ombudsman's contribution to the improvement of the administrations, through the dissemination and follow-up on the Code of Best Administrative practices as an initial and essential tool, and also through evaluation, beyond mere supervision, for the sake of accountability.  The Catalan Ombudsman would like to revise pressure mechanisms in order to increase the positive results of persons and for the improvement of administrative processes.

The Catalan Ombudsman has nominated, for approval by the Committee and later appointment by the Catalan Ombudsman,  Jordi Sànchez i Picanyol for the post of Deputy General Ombudsman, and Maria Jesús Larios Paterna for the post of Deputy Ombudswoman for the Rights of Children and Adolescents.

These two appointments form part of the process of creation and reorganization of the new executive council. The new proposal will make possible significant budgetary reduction, with economic savings of 25% over the previous staff.