Rafael Ribó stands up in the Chamber of Regions of the European Council for the Catalan Ombudsman’s role in implementing human rights


(c) Síndic

Within a debate of the 26th Session of the Congress of the Local Authorities of the Council of Europe, the Catalan Ombudsman referred to some examples carried out by his Office regarding rights’ defence. For instance, he pointed out his efforts in defending the Access to Public Information Act and to face energy poverty and children’s malnutrition.

Rafael Ribó reviewed the different mechanisms of human rights guarantees working today in Catalonia and claimed that implementing human rights at regional level is the most effective and positive way to do so. Regarding the Ombudsman powers and objectives, Ribó stated “the main goal is to promote and guarantee human rights, with a special mention to the right of good administration”. He informed about his role as Catalan OPCAT.

With regard to the difficulties the Ombudsman has to cope with, he mentioned the problems related to dealing with Spanish state institutions in Catalonia, especially with the behaviour of some Spanish Police officers (Guardia Civil or Policia Nacional). In the same line he pointed out his concern about the international migrants centres for the “sans papiers”.

Besides Rafael Ribó, the Minister for Finance, Women and Integration in the Regional Government of Styria (Austria) and the Chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission took part in the debate, hold on March 26 in Strasburg.