The European Ombudsman brings the Castor case to the European Commission


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The Royal Decree Law 13/2014 passed by Spanish Government could violate the EU Founding Treaty regarding State aids

The European Ombudsman informs the Catalan Ombudsman that the report has been delivered to the Secretary General of the European Commission

The European Ombudsman, Emilly O’Reilly, informed the Catalan Ombudsman that the report on the Castor Project has been sent to the Secretary General of the European Commission. This was one of the recommendations included in the report in order to use all available legal tools so that the Royal Decree Law is suspended.

In particular, the Catalan Ombudsman suggested that the European Ombudsman requested the European Commission, within the framework of its competences, to officially investigate whether the action of the Spanish Government, specifically the enactment of the Royal Decree 13/2014, constitutes a State aid forbidden by the EU Founding Treaty.

Resorting to the European Commission (the Court of Justice of the European Union in the last place) is a measure carried out in parallel to the announcement by the Catalan Government that it will file an appeal before the Spanish Constitutional Court.

The Catalan Ombudsman’s report, currently in the hands of the European Commission, is the result of nearly a year of research on the legality of the project and the performance of the Administration regarding the gas storage, especially with the passage of the Royal Decree Law regulating the platform withdrawal.