Ombudsmen are calling for an end to the violations of rights of refugees and migrants


They warn of the lack of guarantees of the return policies and they claim for a special consideration to the rights of children

They call for decisive action against xenophobia and intolerance

The second of the four sessions of the seminar Human Rights Challenges, organized by the Catalan Ombudsman, which has gathered in Barcelona, at the Saló del Tinell, nearly a hundred rights experts and ombudsmen, has been characterized by the condemn by a large majority of the dehumanized treatment of migrants and refugees in the migration policies of the European Union.

Ombudsmen have claimed a Europe open to migrants and refugees. Entitled "migrants and refugees", the session was chaired by the Albanian Ombudsman, Igli Totozani, and the keynote speakers were the deputy chairman of the Committee of Petitions of the Bundestag, Gero Storjohann, and the representative of the National Commission of Human Rights in Mexico.

The speakers highlighted that migration flows should be addressed with respect to the rights and ratified international treaties, including the Geneva Convention of 1951. In this regard, they have recommended the European Union that the highest number of refugees migrants be hosted and that their human rights be acknowledged. This means the prohibition of abuse and immediate collective returns, complete access to health care or the need for accompaniment, among others.

As for the forced return agreement between the EU and Turkey, they have questioned the legitimacy and the status of Turkey as a "safe" country for many of the refugees. They have requested a review of the Dublin Regulation so it involves an integrated management of the applications for asylum. They have also committed to monitoring the safeguard of children's rights, particularly those traveling alone.