Catalan Omdubswoman's deputies

Deputy general

Jaume Saura Estapà holds a PhD in Law from the University of Barcelona (UB) and was awarded the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize for the 1993-1994 academic year. He is also Professor of Public International Law and International Relations at the University of Barcelona and has combined teaching and research, among others, in the field of the international protection of human rights. He has been a visiting professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, and at other European and Latin American universities.

He has an extensive career as an international election observer, which began in 1994 as a United Nations observer in the South African elections. Since then, he has taken part in many other electoral processes around the world (Palestine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Togo, East Timor, Peru and Guatemala).

From 2004 to 2015 he was the president of the Catalan Institute for Human Rights. He was also deputy director of the Centre for International Studies of the University of Barcelona between 2000 and 2007.

He has been a member of the International Criminal Justice Commission (2010-2015) and of several social and academic entities (Spanish Association for the United Nations, American Society of International Law, International Association of Jurists for Western Sahara, among others). He has also been academic coordinator of the "right to Law" programme (2007-2015) and of the official PhD programme in Law and Political Science (2011-2015), both at the University of Barcelona.

Jaume Saura is the author of several books and articles on human rights, international humanitarian law and the use of force in international relations.

He has been linked to the Catalan Ombudsman since 2010 as a member of the Work Team and coordinator of the Catalan Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture’s Advisory Council (former Catalan Authority for the Prevention of Torture).

Since June 2015, he has been the General Deputy of the Catalan Ombudsman.

The Deputy General assists, represents and stands in for the Síndic de Greuges' (Catalan Ombudswoman) absence.


Deputy for the Defence of Children's and Adolescents' Rights

Aida C. Rodríguez holds a PhD in Educational Sciences (cum laude) and a degree in Philosophy from the Ramon Llull University (URL), and a master’s degree in Citizenship and Human Rights from the University of Barcelona.

Project manager of the Pere Tarrés Social and Restorative Justice Chair (2016-2022).

Adjunct lecturer at the Department of Humanities of La Salle, URL (2014-2022) and professor of the Master’s degree in Social and Educational Models and Strategies in Childhood and Adolescence in the Pere Tarrés Faculty of Social Education and Social Work.

As a research collaborator at the Social Innovation and Analysis Research Group (GIAS) at the Pere Tarrés Faculty of Social Education and Social Work, URL (2015-2022), she has worked mainly on issues related to restorative justice, human rights, penal system, education, ethics and social justice.

Trainer in global restorative practices and global restorative approaches to teaching staff of primary and secondary schools of the Department of Education of the Catalan Government (2020-2022).

Founding member of the association Informa’t Bcn! - Movement for citizen information (2011-2014).

Coordinator of activities in the Restorative Justice Group of ESADE’s Faculty of Law, URL (2014-2016).

Teacher of philosophy, humanities and language in secondary schools (2008-2013).

Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship in Berlin, Germany (2007-2008). 

The Deputy for the Defence of Children's and Adolescents' Rights assists the Síndic de Greuges (Catalan Ombudswoman) and exercises delegated competencies for the protection of children and adolescents in the terms of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.