Ombudsman's Office visit and "Opening the Doors to Rights" exhibit in Valls

The Catalan Ombudsman's office will travel to Valls next Thursday, December 17th to field complaints and queries on administrations. Visitors will be received at the Institut d'Estudis Vallencs, on carrer Jaume Huguet, 1. Appointments can be made at 900 124 124, or by sending an e-mail to this address sindic@sindic.cat From December 9th to the 20th, the travelling exhibit "Opening the Doors to Rights", created by the Catalan Ombudsman to show the history and work of the institution, will also be on display at the Institut d'Estudis Vallencs. Catalan Ombudsman Rafael Ribó will offer a presentation of the exhibit on December 17, at 6:30 pm.
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Personalized service in Cubelles, Barberà del Vallès and Sant Pere de Ribes

The Catalan Ombudsman's visit to these municipalities will take place as part of the individualized follow-up programs that the Ombudsman's office has signed with each of their local councils. In Cubelles, the Catalan Ombudsman's individualized service will be provided on December 3rd, in Barberà del Vallès on the 10th and in Sant Pere de Ribes on the 16th. Anyone who would like to file a complaint against the administrations or make a query can make an appointment by calling 900 124 124 or sending an e-mail to: sindic@sindic.cat
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Canet de Mar, 8th municipality with an individualized follow-up agreement

Among other things, individualized follow-up consists of the Catalan Ombudsman drawing up an annual report that describes the situation of the complaints filed referring to the municipality and statistics on the queries from persons and organizations of Canet that have been handled by the Catalan Ombudsman. Furthermore, the Catalan Ombudsman's staff will regularly travel to Canet to meet with persons and organizations wishing to file complaints against administrations, or make queries.
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The Catalan Ombudsman offers an analysis on the application of the United Nations Convention on Children's Rights in Catalonia

The Catalan Ombudsman analysed the application of the United Nations Convention on Children's Rights (international law that takes up the rights of children and young people all over the world) on the 20th anniversary of its application. The most significant shortcomings underscored were school segregation in education, dysfunctions in the protection system such as overcrowded shelters in the realm of protection, deficits in the culture of listening to minors, or the inclusion of minors in decision-making processes, as refers to participation.
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Suggestion to include dependent or disabled spouses or domestic partners in the social action fund for employees of the Catalan government

Currently, the terms of the social action fund (SAF) only include aid for the children or dependent or disabled ascendants, and not for spouses or domestic partners. In the Catalan Ombudsman's views, this constitutes different treatment to personal situations that could be considered equal. It is the Catalan Ombudsman's opinion that the impossibility to receive aid through the condition of marriage or other forms of cohabitation is insufficient.
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Meeting of the Boards of Directors of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI) in Vienna

On November 19-21, the European and international boards of directors of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI) met in Vienna. The meeting also marked the official opening of the new IOI headquarters, recently relocated to the Austrian capital. As president of the Institute's European division, Catalan Ombudsman Rafael Ribó directed the meeting relative to European affairs, in which working plans and the projects to be discussed in the future by all members were outlined.
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