Cubelles and Nou Barris (Barcelona), upcoming visits for Catalan Ombudsman

Cubelles (March 12) and Nou Barris (Barcelona, March 25) will be destinations of the Catalan Ombudsman's upcoming visits, for local residents to file their complaints against administrations or make queries. Appointments can be made at 900 124 124, or by sending an e-mail to this address sindic@sindic.cat

Catalan Ombudsman calls for compliance with time frames, more resources in social policies for society's most vulnerable

The Catalan Ombudsman has demanded that administrations devote more attention, human and financial resources to the application of social policies. Upon presentation of his office's 2008 Report to Parliament, Ombudsman Ribó also requested that the involved services be expedited and better coordinated.
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Catalan Ombudsman's intervention increase 8.8% in 2008

In 2008, the Catalan Ombudsman's interventions increased 8.8% over last year's figure. Overall, there were 23,170 interventions, divided among 5,610 complaints (23.66%), 97 ex-officio actions (0.41%) and 18,003 consultations (75%). With regard to 2004, the increase in the number of interventions is 259.5%. In other words, 3.5 interventions have been made in 2008 for every intervention conducted in 3.5.
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The exhibit "Opening Doors to Rights", to visit Cardedeu, Cubelles and Nou Barris (Barcelona)

In the month of March, the travelling exhibition "Opening Doors to Rights", developed by the Ombudsman's office to demonstrate the history and work of the institution will be on display in the Centre Cultural of Cardedeu, until March 8. It will then be in the Citizen Information and Participation Office of Cubelles (OPIC) from March 11-19, and finally in the Can Basté Civic Center in Nou Barris district from March 24 until April 4.
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All of the Ombudsman's decisions on-line

A new section of the Catalan Ombudsman's website will feature each of the decisions handed down by the Ombudsman in 2008. Searches can be conducted on the decisions by key words or case number. A document sums up the subject addressed, the Catalan Ombudsman's intervention and the decision handed down.
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Conference on the right to good administration

Next March 27, the Catalan Ombudsman's offices will host a working day on the right to good administration. This conference will commemorate the 25-year anniversary of the approval of the Catalan Ombudsman Act. The list of speakers features European Ombudsman Nikoforos Diamandouros will be present, as well as the judge of the Constitutional Court of Italy, Sabino Cassese as well as Ombudsman Rafael Ribó. The conference will be opened by President of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, José Montilla, and closed by President of the Catalan Parliament, Ernest Benach.

Catalan MP's travel to Serbia and Bosnia to visit Catalan Ombudsman cooperation projects

A delegation from the Parliament of Catalonia, accompanied by Ombudsman Rafael Ribó and other members of his staff, will travel to Serbia and Bosnia in mid-March to visit the free legal aid project in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, in Serbia, led by the Catalan Ombudsman and Serbian and Bosnian Ombudsman institutions with which the institution collaborates.
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