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The Catalan Ombudsman presents a 15.14% budget reduction for 2013

The 2013 draft Budget, delivered to the Parliament by the Catalan Ombudsman, provides, with respect to the year 2012, a reduction of 15.14%, and means a cut of 35.67% since 2008. This 15.14% reduction results in the non-provision of the extra pay, a reduction in staff and the reorganization of external services. The allocations to the collegiate bodies, the Young Advisory Board and Advisory Council for the Prevention of Torture have been thinned by 33.33%.
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Rafael Ribó calls for solutions to the problems of the housing states requiring regularization

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Tens of thousands of people live in such housing states, approximately 300,000 plots and 50,000 hectares (five times the extension of Barcelona). Such number of people concerned highlights the real extent of the problem. The Catalan Ombudsman has recommended the creation of a catalogue containing housing states with shortages and a Committee of Evaluation and Management of such problems. He has also suggested the establishment of a Committee of Evaluation and Management for those housing states pending of regularization.
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The Catalan Ombudsman requests the file of all allegations of the "No vull pagar" ("I don't want to pay") campaign if there are no supporting evidences

The Catalan Ombudsman has suggested to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Catalan Traffic Service (Servei Català de Trànsit) to consider the possibility of the prescription of all processing pending complaints and all records whose processing has already been started and not issued decision so far. The Catalan Ombudsman has also recommended all reports be reviewed and filed whereas the identified person as driver does not acknowledge committing the offence, and when the Administration does not have clear and defining evidence (witnesses, photographs) supporting its claim.
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Seminar on the Right of Access to Public Information

The Catalan Ombudsman held a seminar on the Right of Access to Public Information, which gathered, among other experts, the actual Ombudsman, Rafael Ribó, the Director of the Catalan Data Protection Authority, M. Àngels Barbarà, and a representative of the Information Commissioner's Office and Ombudsman of Ireland, Anne Lyons. Several MPs, parliamentary group advisers and experts on the subject attended the event.

Request to the Spanish Ombudsman to take action regarding Telemadrid's video on nationalist content

The Catalan Ombudsman addressed the Spanish Ombudsman to ask her to analyze the content of the program Zoom, broadcasted by the TV channel Telemadrid, and if necessary, to send her suggestions to the institutions in charge. The program connected the totalitarian policies with some social choices, ideological and public policies that have been developed in Catalonia since the return to democracy.
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Catalan Ombudsman takes part in the Commemoration Act of the 25th anniversary of the first Catalan local Ombudsman in Amposta

Rafael Ribó delivered a speech on the evolution experienced by the ombudsman institution since its establishment in Sweden in 1809 until its incorporation into the constitutions of the decade of the 70's in the case of Portugal and Spain, and the Catalan statutes in 1979 and 2006. He also highlighted the importance of being able to be leaders in the rights defence. Eloi Toldà, first Ombudsman of Amposta, who has held the position the past two terms, and the local mayor, Manuel Ferré, took part in the event as well.
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